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Improving our photography skills via constructive discussion and challenges
This is a photo community for people of all levels of skill and experience. We post because we want to become more creative, more imaginative and all round better photographers. So, whether you're a simple point-and-clicker or you're skillful with a bagful of lenses, you're welcome to share both your work and your opinions.

The community has two main purposes:

1. To post photos
2. To receive feedback

... and by doing both of these to improve!

To this end, you are welcome to post any photo at any time. This includes photos that you're not happy with, or that didn't work. You are also welcome to comment on any photo at any time, from a simple 'well done' to constructive criticism or guidance. 'How to' guides or workshops are also welcome, as are posts about equipment or other photography related topics.

This is not just a 'showcase' community. Be prepared to both offer and receive honest opinions about your photos.

Every month, there will be a theme or challenge set. Read about the challenges here. A list of winners and their winning entries can be found here.

Make sure you have read the rules and guidelines before you join!
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